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Computer Science

Computer science teacher working with student

Unlock the power of computational thinking. 

Our Computer Science coursework explores the world of programming and computers in a project-based, collaborative environment. We will build critical project management skills in order to design, implement, test, and work towards innovative solutions.

In the classroom, you will learn the fundamentals of programming and problem solving. Using Python and web app development applications, you will dissect and interpret data. You will also have the opportunity to work with industry experts in the fields of Machine Learning and Applied Artificial Intelligence. Whether you’ve never written a line of code, or you’re an experienced computer programmer, we have the course for you!

Tony Pound

Tony Pound

Computer Science Teacher; Varsity Cross Country Assist. Coach; Varsity Track & Field, Assist. Coach

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Yearlong Courses

  • Object-Oriented Programming in Java

Fall Semester Courses

  • Introduction to the Arduino Platform and C Programming
  • Responsive Web Page Design
  • Programming in Python
  • Applied AI in Python (Offered through the Bay Area BlendEd Consortium. See BlendEd Course Offerings)

Spring Semester Courses

  • Mobile Application Development in iOS
  • Web Page Design with Database Programming
  • Programming in Python
  • Machine Learning in Python

For a complete list of computer science courses and their descriptions, read the 2021-22 Curriculum Guide