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College Counseling

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At Branson, college counseling is about more than helping you find the right college – it’s about helping you discover who you are now, and who you want to become. Our experienced college counselors are here to guide students and families successfully through the college admission process and to empower students to identify schools they love that fit them well.

Our process explores and centers your authentic self, with the knowledge that finding the right college requires an understanding of one’s own needs, strengths, goals, and values. We help students be both grounded and aspirational when it comes to their college applications. Taking into account each student's academic and extracurricular background, we educate students and their families about how to create balanced college lists.

In addition, we provide up-to-date and relevant insights on everything college-related, including the ever-changing world of standardized testing to letters of recommendation, college visits, and financial aid.


Our Program

Educational Programming 

Beginning in your sophomore year, we host informational sessions for students and parents to give you an overview of the process, and to take a deeper dive into specific topics like paying for college.

One-on-One Counseling

Starting the spring of your junior year, we begin meeting individually with you and your family to discuss your academic records, interests, and goals. In your senior year, we meet regularly to guide you through the entirety of the college application process.


Bringing Colleges to Branson

We bring over 100 college admission representatives to Branson each year to meet with students, providing opportunities to learn firsthand about different schools from around the country.

College Counseling Seminars

Beginning in the spring of junior year and continuing through the fall of senior year, the College Counseling course provides a space of deep reflection and empowerment. In this course, students build well-balanced and individualized college lists, submit compelling applications, and receive the best insights on everything from standardized testing to the importance of a robust extracurricular life.

College Counseling Handbook

Once at Branson, you will have access to our step-by-step guide to the college process designed specifically for Branson students by our college counseling staff. We update this guide every year with the most up-to-date and relevant information.

Meet Our College Counseling Team

Matthew Chan

Matthew Chan

Associate Director of College Counseling
Matthew Lane

Matthew Lane

Director of College Counseling
Avery Tamchin

Avery Tamchin

College Counseling Associate

Optional Offerings

College Bus Trip

Sophomores and juniors can take advantage of a robust college tour that our office sponsors each Spring Break. Typically, students will have the chance to see over 10 different institutions in five days and share impressions and notes with one another in the process. There is a fee for this trip, and financial aid is available.

Summer College Essay Writing Course

The summer before senior year, the College Counseling staff teaches optional, week-long essay writing workshops in June and August to help students get a head start on completing the essay portions of their applications. There is a fee for this class, and financial aid is available.