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Spirit of Branson ($6,000+)

Two anonymous donors
Lawrence and Stacey Bancroft
Patrick and Melissa Barber
Joe and Cathy Batteer
Sven Beer ’11
Mike Burbank and Cindy Roberts
Richard Chow and Jane Su
John Park and Jennifer Chu
Daniel Dahlgren
Robert Dickinson and Catherine Pedneault
Gregory and Yvonne Fisher
Steve ’85 and Debra Fletcher
Jeffrey and Celia Golden
Christopher and Brooke Green
Bob Herbst and Sally Shekou
Rich and Katie Hoertkorn
John and Abby Hoffman
Craig Jacoby and Jenny Lefcourt
Hop Le and Carolyn Mar
Rachel Lehman
Chris and Lisa Lenzo
Alexander and Anna Lushtak
Corey and Kristin Maas
Alex and Ritu Metzger
Larry and Debby Mindel
Simon Morris and Whitney Hischier
Thomas Pier and Michela Alioto-Pier
Richard and Leslie Polhemus
Steven and Kirsten Polsky
John and Laura Rende
Jennifer Hyde Sann ’85 and Ron Sann
Evelyn Liu Sayers ’88 and Peter Sayers
John and Jennifer Schneider
Niraj and Nisha Shah
Tina Sharkey
Jonathan ’81 and Jane Maier
Harry and Sarah Mansbach
Lyle Shlager and Andria Langenberg
Stephen ’79 and Kathryn Starke
Gregg and Martha Talbert
John and Alexandra Tolmie
Lois and Mel Tukman
Brian and Diane Weisman
Bary and Caroline Wilkinson
Jeffrey and Jo-Lee Wishner
Chun and Kathy Wong

This lists reflects gifts received during fiscal year 2020. Please contact advancement@branson.org if you have a correction.