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Fernhill Friends ($500+)

Steve and Mari-Paule Akram
David Andrews and Maria Rowcliffe
Felix AuYeung and Sommer AuYeung-Schafer
Sarabjit and Chetna Baveja
Jay and Sharina Belani
Kristina Best ’94
Brian Blackman ’90
Eric and Allison Boester ’92
Larry and Sandy Bosley ’62
Kenneth and Emily Brakebill
Donal and Brenda Brown
Hayley Burner*
Jaime ’91 and Dayle Burnes
James and Meredith Bushnell ’88
Greg and Maureen Capitolo
Margaret Cecchetti and Carla Javits
Leon and Jennifer Yung-Ching Chang
John Chase
Jefferson Coelho Jr. and Elizeth Araujo
Stephen Bray and Diane Dakin ’72
Marita McLaughlin Daly ’76 and Kevin Daly
Jeff Dandridge
Matt and Evie Davis
Mason Day and Germana Fabbri
Patrick DePalma and Happy DePalma
Ann Dey
Jose Diaz and Lupe Gallegos-Diaz
Christopher and Lindsay Dunham ’91
David Edelman ’03
George and Theresa Eisenberg
Kim and Christian Fahlen*
Julie Firestone ’59
Scott Fletcher ’87
Terry Flynn ’91
Ralph Forde and Mary Jean Koontz
Suzanne Fransen*
Adeline and Michael Freedman
Santiago and Maira Gasca*
Daniel and Nikki George
Nora Gibson ’84
Mark Gleason and Maile Sullivan ’97
Daniel and Stacie Grant
Nathalio and Stevie Gray*
Carol and Benjamin Greenspan ’77
Dean Grinsfelder ’78 and Victoria Collison
Harry Guilfoyle ’09
Mary Haber ’79
Paul and Carolyn Hacker ’56
Michael and Claire Hackett ’72
Henry Har ’92
Gary Harrington and Rosemary Fei
Martha Lou Henley ’62
Coreen Hester
Jan and Charlie Hoeveler
Lainey Hollis ’86 and Steve Boscoe
Jonas Honick and Donna Mezias*
George and Joan Hornberger
Gage ’92 and Rebecca Houser ’92*
Warren Howells and Olga Milan-Howells
Ronald and Amy Howen ’70
Thomas and Amy Huang
Scott and Michelle Jones*
Dennis and Pam Joyce
William and Nancy Kami
Alex Kaplan ’10
Damon and Janet Kerby
Flavia and Steven Kirz*
Tom and Harriet Kostic ’56
Matt Lane and Brian Soucek*
Carson ’83 and Suzanne Levit
Peter Lillevand and Margite Liesche
Jay ’78 and Laurie Little
Jesse and Angela Liu
Frank Liu ’92
Morgan Livermore ’07
Sam and Cindy Livermore
Lawrence Low and Sarah Tilton
Roya Malekian ’93
Terry and Stephanie Mason
Pete and Linda Mathews
Justin and Katie McCarthy ’97
Paul McCarthy*
Jamie McKinley ’00
Denman McNear ’83
George McNear ’87
Kate and Loren Moore
Alex More ’95
George and Ann Morris
Jonny Moseley ’93 and Malia Rich Moseley ’94
Nader and Nilou Nadershahi
Michael Namba and Shinobu Hosaka
Jonathan and Tao Nordlicht
Katharine O’Brien ’99
Standish and Anne O’Grady
Brian and Chris O’Keefe
Georgia Ortega*
Laura ’92 and Anderson Page
Thomas Paper and Eleanor Bigelow
Rich Parsons and Romyl De La Llana*
Lefty and Renata Prongos
Walter Pyle and Gloria Randriakoto
Susannah Raub ’00
Glenn and Jennifer Rewick
Paul and Lisa Rosenlund
Dan ’97 and Liz Ross
Brenda Rueger ’59
Robert Rosenberg and Lisa Ruggeri ’73
Wendy Behr Schaevitz ’64 and Alan Schaevitz
Eric and Francesca Schuler
John and Dena Selix
Joe Sherer and Caroline Mead
Ally and Drew Sievers
Kenneth Slayen ’88
Sammy Steele ’12
Steve and Kathy Crosby Stricker
John and June Sullivan
Margit and Mary Tagliaferri
Reza Tariverdi and Tandis Alizadeh
Winslow and Kara Taub
William Sabine and Melita Teichert ’74
Gibson Thomas and Tom Shepard
Chas and Kate Thorp
Christopher Todd and Jennifer Sheetz
Jennifer ’96 and Chase Utley
Maura Vaughn and David Kudler*
Zachary and Inga Wahle
Rocky Wang and Jane Chen
Bruce Raabe and Sara Wardell-Smith
Maurice ’82 and Helen Werdegar
Scott Williams and Laurie Carvajal
Ryan Wilsey ’96
Alexandra Wines
Jeff Symonds and Susee Witt*
Reid and Joan Yanabu
Steven Zimmerman ’82 and Victoria Peet
Andy and Florence Zink
Robbie Zweig ’94

This lists reflects gifts received during fiscal year 2020. Please contact advancement@branson.org if you have a correction.

*Branson Faculty & Staff 2019-2020