BULLS ($2,000+)

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Bulls ($2,000+)

Three anonymous donors
Robert Ahearn and Michelle Verloop
Babis Andreadis
Karl ’81 and Lizann Baldauf
Ernie Bates
Mark Beere and Leigh Admirand
Michael Bobroff and Celeste Lee-Bobroff
Ben Bodipo-Memba ’87
Dan ’85 and Hong Jun Breiner
Cameron Chase Brugler ’82 and Bruce Brugler
Bill and Jeanne Cahill
Sean and Bari Cessna
Timothy and Tracy Cunningham
David Deydo and Mary Sky
Lori and Chris Deibel*
Michael Dierks and Suein Hwang
Robert and Karen Duncan
Rob Edington and Dyer Grote
John and Megan Esrey
Mrs. William R. Fair
Bob and Chris Feibusch
Andrew Ferguson and Kay Wu
Alison Scott Ferguson ’81 and Seth Ferguson ’81
Nancy Fischer ’57
David Flory and Mimi Mengis
David and Traci Gale
Adam Gasner and Cary Roloson
William Getsey and Sahar Safari Getsey
Julie Giannini
Jason and Michelle Glover
Jonathan and Georgina Goldman
Philip Grasso ’06
Joe Grasso
Phil and Robbie Gutierrez
Brian and Erin Hansen
Steven Hao and Erica Dao
Jim Harleen and Stephanie DiMarco
Bill and Gail Hutchinson
Betsy Jewett ’72 and Rick Gill
Devon Johnson and Jane Fang
Bill and Emily Johnstone
Brian and Kristin Keeffe
Will and Rachel Kessinger
John ’79 and Kim Kieckhefer
Julian and Laura King
Karl Weis and Kristen Klingbeil-Weis ’79
Johann and Ulrike Koehne
Martin Kohout ’77
Captain Harry Konkel
Dimitry Kushelevsky and Elaine Foreman
David and Tricia Lacy
Pete and Sara Lardner
Elsa Leung and Kurt Leswing
Christopher and Rebecca Lien
Tom ’82 and Amanda Lister
Johnathan Logan Jr. ’98 and Amber Logan
Gregory and Carolina Loiacono
Matt and Cara Lowe
Michael Markham and Thet Win
Chris ’07 and Betsy Martin
Debbie Matthies
Christina and Rich Mazzola*
Christopher and Mary McFadden
Nate Mihalovich ’07
Mary and Jeffrey Miller
Clifford and Gillian Mishalko
George and Patricia Oliver
Yaron and Shelley Palfy
David and Arbella Parrot
Ben* and Ledlie Pastor
Russell and Quynh Pearson
Heather Wesiel Pederson ’88 and Jason Pedersen
Marlene Pelage
Victoria Pollock-Grasso
Mark and Stephanie Robinson ’85
Bob and Dorene Schiro
Elliot Schrage and Juliet Whitcomb
Jim Schurz ’80 and Julie Ruskin
Melissa Siebel Schiller ’00
Evan and Michelle Singer
Kira and Marc Steifman
Peter and Christine Stovell
Brendan and Kim Sugrue
Philip Swett
Kevin and Katie Swift ’95
Cristina Torres ’06
Marimar Torres
Allan Treadwell ’81 and Alexandra Bailliere
Patty Treadwell
Connie Treadwell ’79 and Eliot Lippman
Ismail Ulubay and Ilkcan Cokgor
Michael Vostrejs and Mignon Loh
Keith and Margie Weber
Spencer and Alexandra Wells
Nathan and Jennifer Winslow
Vincent Wu and Maria Wei
Chris and Susan Yates

This lists reflects gifts received during fiscal year 2020. Please contact advancement@branson.org if you have a correction.

*Branson Faculty & Staff 2019-2020