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Branson students collaborated and took creative risks as they delved into new artistic territory and reimagined some old favorites.

FA[A]B: Festival of Arts [Away from] Branson

During quarantine, living rooms, kitchens, and bedrooms were transformed into studios for a new twist on Branson’s annual arts celebration, FA[A]B, the Festival of Arts [Away From] Branson. Tapping into their ingenuity, students collaborated with classmates and teachers virtually to produce five weeks of videos featuring rock and classical numbers, dance performances, and a production of the farcical comedy, Not by Bed Alone. Drawings, paintings, sculpture, photos, and more visual arts also appeared on the BransonARTchive. See examples on Instagram: @visual_arts_at_branson

Body talk 2020 In the Realm of the Heart
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Sixty Branson dancers explored themes of love, loss, hope, and joy, as they performed from their hearts in loving remembrance of Kwentyn Wiggins at the winter dance concert. The school was honored to present choreography by Stacey Printz, a Branson alumna and former faculty member, as well as work from other special guests. Local artist Andrea La Canela created an original Flamenco dance for Kwentyn’s senior Dance for Men class; hip hop choreographer Kyle Mitchell aided us in celebrating his love of the art form; and Sacramento artist Tony Nguyen crafted two new works investigating the power of human connection. A special thank you to Kwentyn’s cousins, Timothy Hall and Renika Jackson, for their permission to choreograph to their song, “Champion.” The program featured student choreography by Charlotte Ferguson, Maya King, Ciara Tran, and senior soloist Nicole Black.

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Winter Concert

Musicians from Branson’s upper-level seminars — Performance-Classical, Chamber Singers, and Jazz — treated audiences to the school’s annual December concert in The Commons. The holiday event also featured a live performance and composers’ introduction of Caleb Liu’s film score for classmate Brendon Milan-Howells’ short film, La Promesa, a 2020 All-American High School Film Festival Selection.


Branson students brought their talents to the stage (and the musicians pit) with the November showing of Mamma Mia! The three-performance run delivered the iconic moments so many recognize from the Broadway musical and the film, while Branson student actors surprised and delighted with their unique take on the ABBA-inspired sensation.