Mission & Honor Code

Our Mission

"The Branson School inspires excellence in a nurturing, vibrant educational community based on personal and intellectual integrity. At the heart of Branson is the trusting, dynamic relationship between dedicated teachers and students.

Through the vitality, breadth, and rigor of its programs, Branson encourages students to think critically, communicate clearly, develop their individual talents and interests, and pursue a lifelong passion for learning.

Branson believes that diversity of people and thought enriches us all and promotes responsible leadership in the global community."

Branson's Honor Code

At the core of any community built on mutual trust is honor. Personal honor and the Branson Honor Code play a central role in meeting our mission. Each member of the Branson community is expected to accept the community’s ethical standards by, among other actions, signing a written pledge to abide by The Honor Code (at right).

Two graduating seniors spoke about what the Honor Code has meant to them.

Because of the Honor Code, I now own my actions. Everything I have done at this school has been my own and carries a little of my identity in it.“--ZH

"During my first three years at Branson, I thought of the Honor Code as a promise of purely academic integrity - of essentially writing “I did not cheat” on every test or essay that I turned in. Yet recently, it has come to mean so much more to me than a brief statement of values.It's a broader way of living and engaging with others."--EP

Branson Honor Code

In choosing The Branson School as a place to learn and a place to work, each member of the community -- student, faculty, staff and parent -- agrees to sustain an environment of honesty and integrity. We will, individually and collectively, do our part to create and maintain trust, respect, and care throughout school life by accepting responsibility for our own actions and those of others. We make this commitment to ensure that each of us may grow both in knowledge and in wisdom and that we may leave this school having enriched it by our presence.