Welcome from Head of School

I am delighted to welcome you warmly to The Branson School.
I am certain that you are going to like what you see, hear, and experience from the moment you drive through our gates and set foot on this beautiful campus. Whether you are a scholar, an artist, an athlete—or better yet—a combination of these and other talents, there is a place for you at Branson. We are proud of our tight-knit and purposeful community, where students can be themselves, try new things, and be mentored by a faculty who treasure their relationships with students.

Branson has been nurturing and educating young people for close to a century. Although we are never content with our efforts and constantly seek to improve, we are confident that we provide the atmosphere, training, and habits of heart and mind that our students need to become excellent citizens of the world they will inherit.

You will find an honest and humble generosity of spirit in all of the people you encounter at Branson, but you will also find the intellectual rigor and challenges we know you need in order to gain the crucial skill sets necessary to succeed with confidence as you mature and grow. A motivated peer group, a superior faculty, a peaceful setting: you will find all this and more at this exceptional place.Rather than explain to you in detail all you will find at Branson, I invite you to come in, get comfortable, and look around; observe our lively classes, and sit among our students and faculty as they make their way through the day; a day that is certain to be filled with laughter, debate, camaraderie, and a genuine joy of learning and growing with like-minded individuals.Come in, look carefully and closely, and when you are done examining what we provide, I bet you’ll want to stay a while.

Head's Corner

I have a sign that has been hanging in my office for almost 28 years now. As I have moved offices, or changed jobs, or moved to different schools (three of them), it has been a stalwart friend and partner in the important work we take on with teenagers. It reads:

“Work hard and be nice.” 

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Christina Mazzola

Christina Mazzola

Head of School