Diversity & Inclusion


At Branson, our goal is to catalyze the brilliance of each student. An excellent education requires diversity.  This requires our educators to learn all the diverse ways of intelligence that a student brings to our school. 

Our vision is a beloved community; the interconnectedness between individuals in a community that is based on justice, equal opportunity, love for all fellow human beings. Dr. Cornel West expresses that “love is the commitment to the betterment of others. Justice is what love looks like in public….you are not self-made. I am who I am because somebody love me.” 

We believe that by generating a sense of belonging and by providing more diverse experiences, in turn our students will develop essential skills and their capacity to navigate a more complex world. Here at Branson, our goal as educators is to catalyze the brilliance in every student.

Stretch yourself. Tell stories. Listen with empathy and speak with compassion. Challenge what you know to be true. And learn about the truth of others.After many years sharing the value of DEI in organizations across the country and globally, my vision & purpose is clear. My role is to be a partner in helping Branson to institutionalize their practices & protocols that ensure diversity, equity and inclusion become the very fabric of this community. The result will be more students having a sense of belonging in all of their diverse identities while cultivating their unique talents & strengths. 

DEI is about leadership & excellence. I invite you to explore how our students are becoming leaders! This past year we were able to institutionalize our 9 student affinity groups into our daily schedule, provide 2 days of programming in which we invited renowned speakers Dr. Cornel West & Mr. Bakari Kitwana, sponsor students to attend Student Diversity Leadership Conference. For our adults, we established an ongoing white ally group as well bi-monthly DEI training for all employees. There is still more to do!

I welcome you to this amazing community and all of you are welcomed here!

In Community,

Dr. JuanCarlos Arauz





Our Diversity Mission Statement 
Branson believes that diversity, equity and inclusion are essential components of an excellent learning environment and a vibrant, caring community. We aspire to create a community in which every member feels a deep sense of belonging and inclusion.



Branson Explores "The Beloved Community" with Dr. Cornel West and Mr. Bakari Kitwana

On Tuesday, January 21, 2020, Branson welcomed renowned scholars Dr. Cornel West and Mr. Bakari Kitwana as keynote speakers for our annual Human Development DayBranson – a Beloved Community. It was a day that beautifully exemplified Branson’s mission of guiding young people to "make a positive impact in the world by leading lives of integrity, purpose, learning, and joy."

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