Language Curriculum

  • The Language department offers in-depth study of the following languages and the cultures they represent: Italian, Latin, Mandarin Spanish and Spanish for Native and Heritage Speakers.
    The modern language program aims to provide students with the ability to express themselves with reasonable fluency in oral and written expression, to understand thoroughly the spoken and written language, and to have a broad knowledge of the culture, history, politics and geography of the regions where the language is spoken. The study of Latin provides students with a strong classical base, a greater understanding of English vocabulary and a good knowledge of the classical writers who form the basis of our western culture.
  •  Sabrina Wilson
    Sabrina Wilson, Spanish Teacher


  • Margaret Cecchetti
    Spanish Teacher
    Class Dean
    Year Started: 1984
    (415) 455-7103
    Henri de Marcellus
    Latin Teacher
    Year Started: 2002
    (415) 455-7170
    Jennifer Diaz
    Chair of Language Dept.
    Spanish Teacher
    Year Started: 1999
    (415) 455-7202
    Shu-Chen Lin
    Mandarin Teacher
    Year Started: 2011
    (415) 455-7175
    Sergio Ovalles
    Spanish Teacher
    Year Started: 2013
    (415) 455-7160
    Gisella Petrone
    Italian Teacher
    Year Started: 2007
    (415) 455-7178
    Madison Pulliam
    Gallard Fellow
    Spanish Teacher
    Year Started: 2017
    (415) 455-7208
    Sabrina Wilson
    Spanish Teacher
    Class Dean
    Year Started: 2005
    (415) 455-7162