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Branson develops students who make a positive impact in the world by leading lives of integrity, purpose, learning, and joy. 


Courage looks different for everybody. At Branson, we take risks, conquer fears, and do the right thing as we grow to be brave.


Kindness means seeking understanding of others so we can be compassionate, helpful, and fair.


Honor is earned every day. At Branson, we create an environment of trust by taking responsibility for our own actions while pursuing our potential.


Purpose is something we find and something we offer. We see privilege as the opportunity to serve others and drive progress.

Branson is more than just a great school. It’s an ever-evolving educational community that challenges and supports students as they grow into confident, thoughtful, ethical people.

Why Branson?

Branson is where students find their own voice, pursue their aspirations, and build character for a life-long journey.


No need to choose one path. Branson students can be winners on the field, scholars in the classroom, and stars onstage. 81% of students compete in interscholastic sports and over 85% of students participate in the arts.


At Branson, learning is a discovery process based on collaboration and mutual respect. You might find your English teacher is a rock star, your physics teacher makes pottery, and your history teacher can give you baking tips. Branson teachers ignite curiosity that lasts a lifetime.


Being at Branson means bringing a willingness to be fully present and engaged with the world in a meaningful way. 100% of Branson students participate in our community engagement program.


At Branson, we build community with intention as we learn, study, and play together on our beautiful 17-acre campus nestled under majestic Mt. Tamalpais.


Our 4,000+ alumni are everything from Olympians to authors, politicians to entrepreneurs, activists to ice cream aficionados. For over 100 years, we’ve supported each other well beyond graduation – because wherever we go, we take Branson with us.

What’s Happening at Branson

Branson Garage: Let's Make Stuff!

Students put on their thinking caps and protective gear, then took to heart the suggestion embedded in this immersive course description—The Branson Garage: Let's Make Stuff! 

Firing up the vinyl and laser cutters, 3D printer, and heat press, the group of 10 Branson makers crafted an array of objects, from remote control cars, to an electric guitar, to remote control blinds. 

Read More about Branson Garage: Let's Make Stuff!

Join us for Branson Summer Session 2022

Branson Summer Session is a unique experience for middle and high school students, offering 25+ programs each year. On our beautiful 17-acre campus surrounded by nature, students will experiment, explore, learn, grow–and have fun!

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We encourage students to be brave in whatever they do – in the classroom, on the field, on stage, in the community, even with their peers. Because when you are brave anything is possible.

Branson. Be Brave.