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Welcome from the Parents’ Association

Marita Daly To the Branson parent community,

I’m excited to be the Parent Association President this year, not only because Branson has done so much for my children and for me, but also because of the many exciting changes facing Branson this year. With these changes come opportunities for parents to become involved at Branson and I hope you’ll participate this year. The school will be better off if we bring as many perspectives as possible to the important decisions ahead.

I’m a Branson alum, and can say that Branson set me on a path of lifelong inquiry. My son, Matt, graduated in 2014 and will be attending the University of Richmond this year. My daughter, Elena, is in the class of 2017, heading into her junior year. Both of them have had fabulous teachers, and have grown so much as students and people while at Branson. Both have had great experiences as athletes, and have made many close friends here.

I’m thrilled about the many changes at Branson this year. I’ve had the chance to have a couple long conversations with Ellen Moceri, our new Interim Head of School, who started work on July 1. I find her to be straightforward, dynamic and visionary. She has exciting plans for Branson. Ellen will be our featured speaker at the first PA meeting on September 8th at 8:30am in the Old Dining Hall.

There’ll be an opportunity for parents to meet the candidates for Branson’s permanent Head of School this fall. No doubt, our engaged community will be one of many factors in enticing a candidate to come to Branson. We hope you’ll make these meetings a priority.

The board continues to pursue the unique opportunity to move Branson to the Seminary property in Mill Valley as a way of solving the many challenges imposed by the 320-student enrollment limit in Ross. The Seminary campus offers inspiring opportunities for improved curriculum and facilities. In the fall, the board, in conjunction with the PA and the Alumni Council, will hold a series of conversations called “Branson’s Second Century” to explore the vision for Branson’s future and the Seminary opportunity. We hope to get as many parents as possible at these meetings. Your perspective is important.

With all the change on the horizon, there have been many looking to preserve what is essentially Branson. Last fall, Dennis Shannon’s Political Philosophy class sought to uncover Branson’s telos, what Branson as a community is really about, or seeks to be. In addition, a multigenerational group of dedicated alums has embarked on a project to define the enduring values that reflect the meaning of Branson for alums, with the hope that it will inform any expansion of the school. What’s your vision for Branson’s future?

Volunteering at Branson has been a rewarding experience for me. Not only have I been able to work on interesting projects, I’ve gotten so much out of working alongside a talented and engaged parent body. I’ve had the opportunity to work with artists, authors and professors, and professionals in the fields of marketing, event planning, and finance. My husband, Kevin, and I have made great friends from all over the world by getting to know the Branson community. I hope you’ll choose to become involved here. Please contact me if you’d like to volunteer

Thank you to the many people who work so hard on behalf of Branson and its students!

Marita McLaughlin Daly

PA President 2015-16

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2015 - 2016 Parents' Association

VP of Meetings Erin Hanson
VP of Communications Maureen Capitolo
SECRETARY Susan Zimmer
AUCTION CHAIR Marcia Skall- PA Exec Board 
  Anna Lushtak
  Yasmin Bahl
  Kristi Raube
ARTS COUNCIL Stasia Obremsky-chair
  Stacy Walden-music liason
  Claudia Lewis
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CAMPUS STORE Manager Pascal Bovie Buechert
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SENIOR REP Audrey Rainsford-lead
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  Karen Singer


Branson Calendar 2015-2016

Branson Calendar 2015-2016 
August      17 Fall sports practice begins
                  25 Junior BBQ and Senior Retreat
                  26 Freshmen and Sophomore Retreat
                  28 First Day of Classes
September 7 Labor Day – No classes
                  14 Rosh Hashanah – No classes
                  23 Yom Kippur – No Classes
                  26 Parents’ Day
October      9 Teacher Work Day – No classes
November 20 End of Fall Term classes
                  23-27 Thanksgiving Break – No classes
                  30 First Day of Winter Term classes
December 21 Winter Break begins – No Classes
January      1 Winter Break ends
January      4 Classes resume
                  15 Teacher Work Day – No classes
                  18 Martin Luther King, Jr. Day – No classes
February    15 Presidents’ Day – No classes
                  16-19 Midwinter Break – No classes
                  22 Classes resume
March       11 End of Winter Term classes
                  14 First Day of Spring Term classes
                  25 Good Friday – No classes
April          11-15 Spring Break– No classes
                  18 Classes resume
May           30 Memorial Day – No classes
June            3 Last Day of Classes
                   6-9 Final Exams for grades 9, 10 & 11
                  10 Graduation February 11, 2015       

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