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The Branson Way  
Branson interscholastic athletics plays a prominent role in the Branson student experience. The program serves the mission of the school, and strives for competitive success, the development of athletic skill, leadership, and sportsmanship. In doing so, we promote sound learning, strong character and honor that leads to community support and a lasting legacy. Properly conceived, directed, and coached, interscholastic athletics provides experiences that will remain long after the final scores are tallied. Lessons taught in the athletic "classroom" will extend to a broader playing field where life lessons are learned. 

The program delivers excellence by providing our student-athletes: Go Bulls
  • Confidence and a clear understanding of the values of personal integrity, work ethic, self responsibility, responsibility to others, self sacrifice, delayed gratification, team work and a progression from simple participation to development to high levels of achievement.
  • Experienced coaches that communicate clearly; are highly effective and are engaged in the life of the school.
  • Facilities, equipment and a brand that serves to attract and inspire students, coaches and fans.
  • Consistent promotion and celebration of the program within the School community. 
At Branson, we encourage a highly competitive attitude within the athletic program and take great pride in winning, however, the school does not condone “winning at all cost.” Thus, a strong athletic program promotes enthusiasm, loyalty, pride and school spirit that serves as a link and rallying point for our students, faculty, alumni and community. 
Our athletic program encompasses 21 varsity and junior varsity interscholastic and club teams that consistently compete at the highest levels of local, regional and State contests. Over 70% of our student body participates in athletics throughout the academic year. Our teams compete in the Marin County Athletic League (MCAL). 
Athletic Department  
Anthony_Thomas Charlene_Murphy   Amanda_Boivin Barclay_Spring
Anthony Thomas, CAA
Athletic Director 
(415) 455-7212 office
(415) 713-5445 cell
Charlene Murphy
Associate Athletic Director
(415) 455-7130 office
(415) 601-9284 cell
 Amanda Boivin
Sports Medicine Trainer
(415) 455-7130 office
(707) 481-0978 cell
Barclay Spring
Strength & Conditioning
(415) 455-7130 
(415) 596-2281 cell