The Fine Arts department is a collection of disciplines that share an underlying philosophy. Concepts are presented as interdisciplinary whenever possible. Technical skills which are discipline-specific are presented by demonstration and explanation, followed by student practice with individual or sectional coaching. Examples are drawn from other students’ work, video and audio recordings, guest artists, etc. Students informally critique their own and their peers' work during and at the completion of each project and performance. Courses are structured by skill development, and/or a combination of chronology and themes. Students are held to rigorous standards by teachers who are themselves practitioners in their fields. There are many wonderful Fine Arts performance photos at Branson's photo-sharing website. Click here to view.

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Fine Arts Performances

Fine Arts Evening: Jewett Family Theater, Maxwell Music Hall, Douglas Arts Center, Dance Studio
Oct. 23, 6:30 - 7:30 PM 
Fall Play "The Dining Room" Jewett Family Theater Nov. 7 - 9,  7PM
Winter Arts Festival & Tree Lighting: Upper Branson Campus
Dec. 13, 5 - 7 PM
Winter Concert: Dominican University Dec. 15, 2 PM
Theater Sports: Jewett Family Theater
Jan 8, 6:30 PM 
Dance Concert: Jewett Family Theater
 Jan. 31-Feb. 1, 7 PM
Jazz Show: Jewett Family Theater
Feb. 7, 6:00-7: 15 PM

Musical: Jewett Family Theater
Mar. 27 - 29, 7 PM
Rock Show: Terrapin Crossroads 
May 2, 8pm. 
FAB: Upper F.A.B. Branson Campus
May 3, 1pm.-7:30pm

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