Campus Solar Production

Environmental Action Committee

The Environmental Action Committee (EAC) is a group of students and faculty devoted to increasing environmental sustainability and awareness in the Branson community and beyond. The EAC meets every Tuesday to discuss ways to achieve this goal; whether planning bike-to-school days, improving the recycling program, working on the garden, or raising awareness, the EAC always has a project underway. 2009-2010 was largely dedicated to the creation of our organic school garden, which is now completed and contributing fresh produce to the dining hall and hungry passerbys.

Building Green

Student Commons
In 2009, Branson added three new buildings to campus, all of them environmentally-friendly.  The centerpiece of the project was the Student Commons, which acquired Platinum LEED certification in 2010.  It has many sustainable features, including a living roof, radiant heating, natural ventilation, and solar panels, as well as large flexible doors that create an open dining experience in fine weather.  Branson is one of very few schools in the nation to have Platinum-certified LEED buildings, which also include the Maxwell Music Hall and the sculpture and digital media studios.

Harvest Fest

Harvest Fest Since 2008, the Environmental Action Committee has organized semi-annual Harvest Fests to celebrate local, organic produce, sustainability, and community. At these festivals, Branson students and faculty from the EAC sell in-season produce from Marin Organic and our very own Branson garden.
The Thanksgiving Harvest Fest is a perfect opportunity to stock up for Thanksgiving festivities and promote sustainable and healthy food choices in our community. Parents are encouraged to come out and purchase produce, as well as tasty baked goods.

The springtime Harvest Fest is typically near Earth Day and serves as a reminder that our eating habits greatly impact the environment. Harvest Fests typically feature student music, like a Branson bluegrass band or emerging songwriter, organic pie contests, and sundae-building stations. Please stay tuned for information about the next upcoming Harvest Fest.