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Community service has been an integral part of the Branson education for a long time. We value not only lessons learned in the classroom, but also those learned through real life experiences. Service introduces Branson students to world in which a single helping hand can often make a significant difference. But it is not only about helping those in need. It is also about gaining meaningful life experiences, about learning leadership, and about grounding oneself.
Community service enables us to grow as individuals while we tap into the reality of others and truly experience a part of someone else’s life. Clearly, we touch many lives outside the school community. What we often forget is the positive difference service makes in our lives. These two reasons together make it a vital part of the Branson experience.

Branson Coordinated Programs

  • Homeless Sandwiches

    With Homeless Sandwiches, students have the opportunity to make and deliver food to people in the Tenderloin of San Francisco

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  • Sustainable Seas

    Sustainable Seas is a community service program that monitors the rocky intertidal ecosystem at Duxbury Reef in Bolinas, CA.

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  • Vivace

    Vivace is a group of prize-winning classical musicians at Branson who wish to give back to their communities by performing classical music for the elderly and raising funds for children’s organizations.

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  • Canal Childcare Center

    Help kids with their homework, play with them out in the yard, read them stories, play board games, and take field trips to San Rafael High School.

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  • Branson Tutoring

    The Branson Tutoring program is a chance for Branson students to work with elementary and middle school students in San Rafael & Marin City.

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  • The Cedars of Marin

    In 1919, The Cedars of Marin began as a school for children with special needs and is now a residential and day community for adults with developmental disabilities.

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  • CONNECT eTutoring

    CONNECT eTutoring is a program at Branson that wishes to reach out to kids in less fortunate areas around the world and help tutor them in English and math.

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  • Friday AIDS Meals

    Friday AIDS Meals is a program in which Branson students cook and deliver food to people with HIV/AIDS, cancer, and mental health problems.

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  • Interact

    Each year, Interact clubs complete at least two community service projects, one of which furthers international understanding and goodwill.

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  • LEAP Dance Program

    LEAP is dedicated to providing quality dance instruction to youth ages 5 to 10 years.

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  • SummerAde

    SummerAde pairs high school volunteers with special needs children to aid them during their week at a summer day camp.

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Affiliated Programs

Community Service Requirements

Freshmen must complete 5 Core and 10 Support hours, and sophomores, juniors and seniors must complete 15 Core and 10 Support hours each year.

Core = hours spent working directly with people in need
Support = hours spent indirectly helping those in need

Important Dates

Community Service Deadline
Friday, May 8, 2015

Important Downloads

Contact Information

Bijani Mizell
Director of Community Service
(415) 455-7164
c/o The Branson School
P.O. Box 887
Ross, CA 94957

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