Arts News

Sophia Leswing '17 sent an update, including this about a project she's working on and would like feedback on:

"Also, a few of my Cal friends and I have started a podcast sharing the stories of local Berkeley homeless to try and help break the stigma surrounding homelessness and humanize the individuals most of us pass by everyday without even acknowledging. It's called People's Park Podcast and we just released our second episode!! Please share this link with anyone you think would be interested.

We also have a Facebook page:"

TED-Ed Comes to Branson

Members of the newly established TED-Ed club, created/advised by Maura Vaughn, held an inaugural TED-Ed Night on campus in March. 

To Be Human

Alex Eccles '00 and Maura Vaughn, Director of Theatre, recorded a set of songs from their original musical, To Be Human. Alumni Brendan Ahern '02, Jessica Jacobs '04, Matthew Solomon 11, were among the singers.

Alumna Jessica Jacobs '04 has been working on an independent short film called “Girl Code.” 

Maura Vaughn Joins KQED Teach

In September, Theater Director Maura Vaughn was interviewed as the first step in her participation in the KQED Teach Case Study program. According to the KQED Education website, KQED Teach, “our new online learning platform, will support educators’ growing media literacy needs by helping them develop the media skills necessary to bring media production to their learning environments."

Researchers will be following Maura as she implements TEACH-related activities this semester and next. They will connect with her on a regular basis for updates, conduct a classroom observation, and then interview her again at the conclusion.

Dance Director Georgia Ortega attended a Somatic Dance Conference and Bill Evans Teachers Intensive in Geneva, New York. She also participated in a workshop for certified teachers in the Evans Method of modern dance technique, where she taught a class and gave a presentation on the Branson

Theater Director Maura Vaughn attended Broadway Teachers Workshop, a three-day intensive workshop that includes tickets to four shows with post-show cast discussions and eight master classes with Broadway performers, writers, directors and designers.

"I was pleasantly surprised by how quickly I picked up the choreography from Hamilton and humbled by hard it was for me to dance on the counts and not the words. I was able to connect with almost a dozen alumni, a few who have just started their journey in the theatrical business and some who are in shows both on and off Broadway," said Maura.